We offer various Christian drama forms appropriate for worship and entertainment. All have been produced, published, or both. Included are spirituality helps, essays about theatre in the church setting, and essays on directing.

COMING SOON!! A values-based role-playing computer game. Enter the world of the Light Spirit, accept the discipline of a Vela'agan Student, and experience an adventure you'll never forget!




One-Act Plays

Some Angels Have Tails



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By the Water's Edge
Woman. Jesus' time. The woman witnesses Christ's baptism.
If Only to Touch the Hem
Female. Jesus' time. About the sick old woman who was healed when she touched Jesus' clothes.
Either male or female. The act of birth. Very funny. 5 minutes
Joanna's Story
Woman. In Jesus' time. About the woman about to be stoned. 7 minutes
A Child's Peace
Either male or female. Peace from a child's perspective. Shows the pain of living. 5 minutes
A Peace Portrait
Either male or female. Storytelling/monologue. About seeking vengeance and finding Jesus. Difficult. 10 minutes
A Community Peace
Either male or female. Hilarious monologue about a community finding peace. Very physical. 5 minutes
Pioneer Woman
One Woman. About grief. Won a national competition and received equity performance. 5 minutes
A Contemporary Peace
Either male or female. A very short monologue. 3 minutes
The Shepherd Witness
A Christmas monologue about the encounter with Christ resulting in reconciliation. Male.

A Few Notes

(1) I'm aware that publishing this way has risks. A person can take a work and call it his own. After considerable thought, I came to believe that more harm comes to the person stealing than to the author. So I take that risk.

(2) I've been writing for my church for years, and this is simply a way to offer these creative endeavors to other people. If you want it, take it.

(3) If you have similar thoughts and want to submit your work, e-mail me.

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